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Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

How to Resetter Canon MP258 error 5B00 or P07

this post discusses the way resetter Canon MP258 error 5B00 or P07/ Since many who seek MP258 resetter software error 5B00 or P07, then let's go straight to the scene......

Early indications:
When the MP258 printer is turned on will show an error in the LCD panels P07 and the monitor screen will pop up an error 5B00.

Resetter Canon MP258 way or P07 error 5B00:
1. MP258 Printer Error 5B00 or P07 are turned off and plugged the power cord.
2. Press the STOP / RESET and hold, then press and hold the POWER button.
3. POWER button still pressed, release the buttonSTOP / RESET, then press the STOP / RESET 2 times in a state the power button is pressed.
4. Release both buttons simultaneously.
5. MP258 Printer Error 5B00 or P07 which will proceed in a while (a while), then the LCD panel will show the number zero (0)
6. The computer will detect NEW DEVICE, Ignore it .....
7. This situation shows MP258 printer in ready state and reset the SERVICE MODE.

How to Run Resetternya:
1. File Exctract MP258 Resetter for error 5B00 or P07
2. Prepare a second paper in the printer (to print at this time of the reset process)
3. Run the program for error 5B00 MP258 Resetter or P07
4. Click "PLAY", then the printer will proceed and MP258 will print one page with the words "D = 000.0"
5. Click the "Clear EEPROM".
6. Then click the "EEPROM", and the printer will print the results MP258 Resetter. Writing one line as follows:
"TPage (COPY TTL = 00 000 = 00 000)"
7. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
8. And MP258 Printer Error 5B00 or P07 which is ready to use again. Done ...

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